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Safe Sleep Initiative Launched

Safe Sleep Initiative Launched
Our family support specialists work to provide the best parenting practice advice to our Every Child Succeeds clients at each visit. Safe sleep practices are critical in reducing infant injury and mortality. Cradle Cincinnati recently released this information with regard to infant mortality statistics in Cincinnati:

Sleep-related deaths are a silent issue in our community and they’re preventable. They are not seen as the threat they are.” — Melba Moore, City of Cincinnati Health Commissioner

The threat is real — as many as twenty babies died of sleep-related deaths in our community since the beginning of this year, mostly due to bed-sharing.

Pathways to Home assists all of our families in obtaining a crib/bassinet that provides a safe sleep environment for their newborn. We thank Greater Harrison Rotary for their recent donation to this cause. If you or your company would like to donate to this venture, contact us for information. As a nonprofit agency, we rely on community support to be able to completely fulfill our mission of building healthy, thriving families and we appreciate the support we receive.

Cincinnati Incorporated Donation

Cincinnati Incorporated’s Employees Make a Difference!
The employees of Cincinnati Incorporated donated resources and time to provide our Every Child Succeeds families with meal baskets for the holidays. The Employees made the most of the giving season and spread good will and hope by providing ten baskets filled with holiday meal-prep items and gift cards. Ten families, who participate in our home visitation program, were chosen to receive the items. This assistance greatly reduces the financial burden placed on low-income families trying to provide the traditions of the season for their children. One lucky family received a special gift basket with a 150.00 gift card. This very generous donation was made possible by a retiring Cincinnati Incorporated employee who chose that his parting “gift” be paid forward to a deserving family. We sincerely appreciate the support of Cincinnati Incorporated and its fabulous employees.

Second Pantry

Second Give & Take Pantry Planned
Pathways to Home will be partnering with a local entity to champion a second community Give & Take Pantry. Construction of the pantry is being completed by Diamond Oaks Construction Framing and Finishing Tech Program. Instructor, Kurt Helmers, willingly took on the project planning and building. The pantry will be completed and serving the community by December. We appreciate Diamond Oaks students and staff for their commitment to helping those in need and being on the front line of addressing food insecurity!